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New “Mor ve Ötesi” Album out

The eagerly anticipated new album by Turkish alternative rock band Mor ve Ötesi hit finally music stores on previous month.

“Masumiyetin Ziyan Olmaz” (Your Innocence Won’t Go To Waste) is the first full studio album of new material by Mor ve Ötesi since 2006’s “Büyük Düşler” (Great Dreams). Produced by Tarkan Gözübüyük, the 11-track set marks a slight departure from the band’s signature alternative sound toward a more pop-inclined sound.

The four-piece band, led by Harun Tekin on vocals and guitar, launched the album, its sixth studio CD, with a special party on May 13 at the Ghetto Music Lounge in İstanbul, Beyoğlu.

Tracklisting as follows:
1. Korkma (don’t fear)
2. Meksika (Mexico)
3. Sor (Inquire)
4. Yorma Kendini (Don’t Bother Yourself)
5. Festus
6. Araf (The Purgatory)
7. Camgezer
8. Nakba
9. Kara Kutu (The Black Box)
10. 2012
11. Bisiklet (The Bicycle)