Palestine-Israel Borders

4 Responses to Palestine-Israel Borders

  1. vin says:

    if these maps are indeed accurate, it’s no wonder why the Palestinians are so pissed off.

  2. Bryant Starnes says:

    Yeah, just wondering why the “Palestinians” had no currency, no declaration of a state, no President, nothing that would associate it with being a sovereign country. Those maps are propaganda and basically bull hsit

    • bible study says:

      I have a bible published in 1980 That would say otherwise. Israel did not exist until after the 1960’s. Judea and Samaria were where Israel is now. And the entire area from the Mediterranean Sea to east of the Dead Sea was known as the land of “Palestine” You assholes need to stop watching Fox news and do your own research. Get the hard Copy. Go to the Library!

  3. bible study says:

    But, Really this entire are has been fought over for thousands of years. I really wish everyone could come to an understanding. lol (Forgot this was an International post. Sorry to any non Americans that do not watch Fox news.) I think we can split things evenly. I wish people would stop trying to be enemies. Whats the point? At what cost? We all want the same things. Most of us. The entire world is calling for the stop of violence. We all want a safe world for Our families and children. We can all work together to come to a future that can provide for everyone from the poor, mediocre to ,or very wealthy. After so many years we still are so young in the minds. It’s time to evolve planet earth. It’s time to educate. There are evil people, but no entire race or accepted religion is entirely evil. People have just twisted the facts to pull wool over our eyes so they can have profitable outcome. I love all people. I believe all are different. And all deserve respect and a chance to thrive. We have to stop the killing. It isn’t right by any modern belief structure.

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